Howlin’ Goatz

“The Howlin’ Goatz have the soul of punk with catchy pop hooks…strange combo but it works beautifully!”
~ Tom Callahan, Founder/CEO Indie Advance

Kim Franco: Vocals & Percussion
Jake Coffin: Drums & Vocals
Chris Wright: Bass & Vocals
Scott Higgins: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Johnny Conrad: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Mountain-Grown original Rock N’ Roll featuring veteran artists Johnny Conrad of Swindl, East Clintwood and Spank Machine. Jake Coffin of Bonnie & The Clydes, Great American Taxi and Funkopolis, Scott Higgins from Hwy50, Swindl and Spank Machine. Chris Wright of Hwy50 and Head Engineer at Violet Recording. Along with the beautiful Kim Franco of Cabaret Diosa.

Howlin’ Goatz was born in a barn in the small town of  Lyons, Colorado, 7 years ago. Inspired Johnny Conrad pulled together musicians from the Boulder Music Scene to create a high-energy Rock N’ Roll dance experience.

Check out Howlin’ Goatz new 3-song EP with a special guest appearance by Bill McKay on Hammond B3.

Stream Or Purchase For Your Library The New Howlin' Goatz EP

images by Aimee Lavoie | goat painting by Matt Gutshall